Bend Oregon’s Buyer’s Real Estate Agent For 12 years, Now Managing Broker of Bend Brokers Realty.

I’m Thom Gardner, Managing Principal Broker at Bend Brokers Realty. I’ve been in the Bend area for a whopping 29 years. I’ve built my business as a Bend Oregon Real Estate Agent for Buyers Only over the past 12 years based on integrity and absolute honesty, and the many reviews you will find below and on the web reflect that singular focus. I represent Bend home buyers only, so if you are looking to buy in Bend and want someone who specializes in just that, I’m your guy!

And now, as the new Managing Broker of Bend Brokers Realty, I have a team of listing brokers who follow that same mantra of integrity and honesty. If you are looking to list your home, Bend Brokers Realty is here to help! Contact Shanda Kenyon or Linda Gardner to list your home, and you can expect the very same personal service and high integrity you read about in my reviews. You have my word on it!


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As a Bend Oregon real estate agent I’ve spent 9 years working with BUYERS ONLY.  After years of requests, I now list homes ONLY for previous buyers to ensure that they get the best real estate service.  NO ONE BUT MY PREVIOUS BUYERS CAN HIRE ME TO LIST THEIR HOME.  Like your average Bend Oregon real estate agent, I started as a standard broker, working both sides and switching hats from the “sunshine and rainbows” listing agent, to the analytical and much more realistic buyer’s agent.  I quickly realized, however, that I didn’t enjoy the “reality distortion” of the listing side

My skills are well suited to the side of Bend real estate where I can and should tell it like it is.  I am a  powerful asset for the people whom I help buy Bend Oregon homes every day, most of whom are from out of town and must place their trust in someone here in Bend, while the average Bend Oregon real estate agent has lived here only a few years!  I love to help people, and to give them real estate and local Bend insights they can’t get from anywhere else.  As a buyer’s broker I’m able to tell the whole truth, not just the convenient truth, about Bend Oregon homes, Bend Oregon neighborhoods, and the Bend Oregon real estate market in general.  And in doing so, protect my clients.

I post Bend home sales statistics every month, so that buyers can see the reality of the market for themselves, without any fluffy real estate agent speak to skew the numbers.  My goal is to make sure that you like and respect me AFTER the home sale.  If I succeed at that, you will tell your friends that you found an honest agent who you felt you could trust, who gave you valuable Bend real estate insights you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and who not only helped you buy the right Bend home, but also helped you avoid the wrong ones. 

My clients rave about me and become friends, and that is the best reward of all.  There’s nothing like seeing my old clients out at a pub or a restaurant and having them call me over and thank me again for what I did for them.  The real difference between my business, and that of the average Bend Oregon real estate agent, is simple.  Pure Honesty, Real Intelligence, and Longtime Local Experience.

I could list several adjectives here to describe Thom, but the one that matters most is, genuine. Have you ever gotten a dog from a shelter and realized it was not a good fit for your family? It may have too much energy or too little energy for your lifestyle? It’s usually because shelters are trying to get the dog into a home, any willing body/home. They don’t employ a matchmaker skill. Thom has that skill. He looked at the bits of our life we were willing to share and he guided us to our home. That takes genuine talent. Now I wouldn’t go as far to say he’s the Buyers Agent Whisperer, but he spent less than 24 hours with us, caught on to the people we are, took the list of houses we wanted to see, and he got us to where we needed to be. Our new home. Also worth noting that Thom was available to us whenever we needed him. He was there for the inspections, made a video for us, let in painters, and met us the day we finally arrived from Raleigh, NC with the keys to our home. Very reliable. Genuine. I urge you folks, take advantage of his talent.

April Sullivan
April SullivanNorth Carolina

Why a Buyer’s Agent?

You don’t hire a general practitioner to perform surgery, and you shouldn’t hire a general Bend Oregon real estate agent to handle your purchase.  As a Mensan I bring a higher level of intelligence to your negotiation than my competition, I’ve worked ONLY with buyers since 2009, and understand the buy side of the deal better than anyone in Bend, Oregon.  This allows me to stay loyal to and speak frankly to the only side of the deal that matters to you – YOURS. Read more…

Buying from a Distance?

The hardest part of buying Bend Oregon real estate from afar?  Learning the truth about what’s happening on the ground while you are at 30,000 feet.  That’s where I come in.  I can set up a free portal for you on the Bend Oregon MLS system, so you can watch homes of your type in real time.  And, I make high quality videos (not phony moving pictures) of homes you identify, so you can decide whether it is worth a visit! Read more…

Regular Market Updates

I post the latest Bend Oregon sales statistics here around the 15th of every month, when they come out.  You can read my pointed comments on the ever changing Bend Oregon real estate market as you view charts covering everything from Days on Market, to average sales price and inventory, to average price per square foot and see how they have changed on a yearly basis. Read more…

Let’s talk.

Contact me via email or phone to discuss what I can do for you!  I never make you sign a contract until we make an offer, as I believe you should be sure you are going to be happy with my work ethic before you commit.  You won’t find many veteran Bend real estate brokers who will allow that, but I believe it’s the right thing to do. Contact Me.