My name is Thom Gardner, 46 year old, married father of three, Principal Broker at Bend Brokers Realty, and Bend Oregon’s most experienced Buyer’s agent / broker. Since 2007 I have worked in a family Bend Oregon real estate brokerage that has been in business since 1992, and which allows me to both think and speak independently of the in-office promotional programs you find in the larger brokerages. I only deal with Bend home buyers, and ONLY list homes of my own, family members’ homes, and by now popular request- homes of previous buyers who ask me to do so to preserve the integrity of their chain of ownership.  I do NOT chase listings, I do NOT put on the phony face so common to buyers when they meet listing agents.  My specialty is as a pure buyer’s agent and home buyer’s broker in Bend real estate deals, period. Why hire someone who is chasing listings, who has their mind half in and half out of the Bend home buying process, and who has to follow a script about Bend real estate? Independence works for YOU, and only you.

My focus is on the Bend Oregon home buyer as a Bend Oregon real estate agent, and I worked with only Bend home buyers from 2009- 2016, through the housing bust and back out the other side into today’s recovering market. I have lived in the area since 1990, and know neighborhoods, the area, and Bend real estate better than the majority of Bend real estate agents, who moved here along with many of the other residents of our little town, very recently.  Let me help you, as your experienced Bend real estate buying expert.

In Oregon a Buyer’s agent works for Bend home buyers at no cost to them.

Thom Gardner Bend Oregon real estate agent with Barack Obama

I work primarily with people from out of the area. My clients come from all over the United States as well as International locales. I create very informative and entertaining videos of Bend homes identified by or for out of town clients as potential Bend Oregon real estate purchases, and post them to the web so that the Bend home buyer can decide whether or not a particular Bend home is worth a flight or a drive to see in person. This allows clients who can’t be here to view Bend real estate in person to make informed decisions and move quickly in our very hot market.

I also create portals on the Bend MLS system for prospective Bend home buyers so that they can view homes that match their criteria immediately when they come to view Bend real estate, can see when the status changes to “pending” and the house is out of range, see price changes in real time, and so that they can get away from the misinformation on other consumer based real estate websites, which are usually VERY slow to be updated, and are therefore often quite out of date and generally lead my clients to lots of wasted time.

Contact me and I’d be glad to chat with you about any questions or concerns you may have about the Bend Oregon real estate market, and provide any of those free services to you as well. I am a born “people person”, and pride myself on my communication skills.

You deserve the best possible representation when purchasing Bend Oregon Real Estate- you deserve a Bend Buyer’s Agent, not just a regular Bend Oregon Real Estate Agent. And you deserve Bend’s Best Buyer’s Agent, Thom Gardner, Accredited Buyer’s Representative.