– Land sales, a certain price range or size of home, a certain zip code, a certain neighborhood, new homes only, and so on- JUST EMAIL ME AND ASK AND I’LL BE VERY GLAD TO PUT ONE TOGETHER JUST AS YOU’D LIKE!

These are all set for the following criteria – these are types of Bend homes the majority of my home buyers actually buy:

Zip codes 97701, 97702, and 97703 which encompasses all of Bend proper.
3 bedroom, 2 bath minimum
1400 square feet minimum to 3600 maximum
Residential Resale and New Construction Single Family Homes
Bend Real Estate Sales Statistics

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Days On Market and Sales Prices vs List Prices

Crazy! Our fire fueled smoky Bend air was listed as hazardous most of August, and I’d figured this would be much worse- but it’s only gone up to 105 from 101 in July, and homes are selling at 99% of list price! Yeow!

Again, on the West side of Bend these numbers are much lower, and they are a bit higher in East Bend.

Bend oregon real estate statistics bend homes days on market september 2017

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Home Sales Inventory

Inventory is the best of the year, at 3.3 months of Bend homes available. We will start to see this number drop in a couple of months, when people take their homes off the market for Winter.

Bend real estate statistics bend home inventory september 2017

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Average Bend Home Sales Prices and Average Listing Prices

As you can see from the same period last year, this is when we have reached price peaks on Bend homes for the year (July), and then it begins to slowly drop as agents get real and get homes sold before they lose their commission when the owner pulls it off market until next year. List prices are dropping, which also gives you a better sale price. FALL IS ALWAYS THE BEST TIME TO GET A DEAL ON BEND REAL ESTATE!

(Keep in mind we have many Bend homes listed from 1 to 20 million, so this tends to pull up the “for sale” averages, though as a percentage of the overall Bend real estate sales they are small. Dozens of $300,000 Bend homes sell for each one of the big fish that sell, so this what creates the discrepancy between the two numbers).

Bend oregon real estate average list and home sale prices september 2017

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD, PENDED, and FOR SALE

Bend real estate sales (solds) went up in August, due to July business, from 154 to 182, while Bend home pendings began to slip as we slide into Fall, from 206 to 195. Pretty standard stuff.

bend oregon real estate statistics homes for sale and sold april 2017

Bend Oregon real estate stastics- HOME PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT

What a year! Prices rose a heck of a lot. We got to a peak of $243 per foot, when we started the year at $208! This is now trending down as it always does in Fall, down a hair to 236.

Expect $250- $400 a foot on the West side , and $160- $225 on the East side, again, per square foot.