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These are types of Bend homes the majority of my home buyers actually buy.

Zip codes 97701, 97702, and 97703 which encompasses all of Bend proper.
3 bedroom, 2 bath minimum
1500 square feet minimum to 3600 maximum
Residential Resale and New Construction Single Family Homes
Bend Real Estate Sales Statistics

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Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Days On Market and Sales Prices vs List Prices

Nothing massively interesting about the Bend Oregon real estate average days on market chart for this month. We are down from 108 days last year to 101 this year, but all this says is we continue to have a very stable, upward tilting Bend home market.

Again, on the West side of Bend the numbers on this set of Bend Oregon real estate statistics are much lower, and they are a bit higher in East Bend.

Bend Oregon real estate statistics average days on the market for Bend Oregon homes

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Home Sales Inventory

Cute chart! Kind of looks like something out of “Monsters Inc” to me, sliding across the page. Suffice it to say, Bend Oregon real estate inventory has done little but get worse and worse as the Bend home sales year has gone on. And despite a year that started out promising in terms of the number of homes on market, we are far below even last year’s crappy inventory levels- 3.1 last year vs 2.7 now.

Bend Oregon real estate Bend homes inventory september 2018

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- Average Bend Home Sales Prices and Average Listing Prices

Bend Oregon average home sale prices have been relatively consistent this year. Yes, we are at the upper end of the range, but $530,000 has been a fairly good number to use as an average for the year, and that’s where we find ourselves right now. Looks like the peak for the year was $546k, and it’s almost certain that will push well over $550k next Spring/ early Summer.

(Keep in mind we have many Bend homes listed from 1 to 20 million, so this tends to pull up the “for sale” averages. However, as a percentage of the overall Bend Oregon real estate sales they are few. Dozens of $350,000 Bend Oregon homes sell for each one of the big fish that sell. This what creates the discrepancy between the two numbers).

Bend oregon real estate average Bend oregon home sale prices september 2018

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- NUMBER OF HOMES SOLD, PENDED, and FOR SALE

Last year was an amazing year, and now my second busiest year ever (after this year, of course), but all of the Bend Oregon real estate metrics on this chart are bigger than last- Less homes for sale, more homes sold, and more homes pending in August than in 2017.

Bend oregon real estate Bend Oregon homes for sale and sold september 2018

Bend Oregon real estate statistics- BEND HOME PRICES PER SQUARE FOOT

And that last chart really predicts this one, the average price per foot of Bend Oregon real estate. Always a favorite of mine, it gives metric-minded people the best apples- oranges comparison metric when exploring different homes and neighborhoods in Bend. And it really has risen since the last time I posted statistics in May (did I mention I have been busy?), to an average across town of $244 per foot, from $227 per then. Not that bad overall, though, when you consider it was $236 a foot last August.

Expect $250- $400 a foot on the West side , and $175- $225 on the East side, again, per square foot.

bend oregon real estate average bend oregon home price per foot september 2018